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Committed to Helping Injury Victims and Their Families…
…for one case or for a lifetime

PictureAt The Benson Law Firm, our commitment to helping injury victims and their families isn’t just a slogan. It’s the way we run our practice. We are advocates for our clients who need our experience and expertise in the law to garner for them the best results possible. When we work for you, we consider you to be a client for a lifetime, ready to serve you when you need us.

Our record of trial success and favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients speaks for itself. From the time we accept a case until it’s resolved, we dedicate the resources required and offer the support necessary to seek just compensation for victims and their families. Whether our clients come to us from Kirksville or from other Missouri cities and towns, they all share a common goal: to seek compensation for their injuries or loss.

Our record of success also means that you don’t need to travel to large firms in Columbia, Kansas City or St. Louis. We have all the same experience, knowledge and expertise as those firms but right here, close to home.

Your case is also a private matter, and that can be a concern for clients who think that leaving town will give them more privacy. The fact is that The Benson Law Firm is as committed to our ethical responsibilities to maintain confidences with our clients and protect their privacy.

The law can be a frightening and complicated thing. In the case of personal injury, wrongful death and other cases, remember that insurance companies will have teams of lawyers working for them. That means that you need a lawyer to protect your interests. Having experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation is critical to success, and that is precisely what The Benson Law Firm is all about.

The Benson Law Firm handles the following types of cases:

The Benson Law Firm offers free initial consultations for personal injury, wrongful death and workers compensation cases. Call us today to schedule an appointment, or use the Contact Us link to email our office.