Settlements and Verdicts

Below are a few select cases handled by Jay Benson and/or The Benson Law Firm, LLC. They are being reported here with the consent of the firm’s clients. Please note that past results afford no guarantee of future results. Each case must be judged on its own merit.

$3.4 Million Settlement to Two Teenaged Boys Injured in Head-On Collision

$1.25 Million Settlement for Man Backed Into in Walmart Parking Lot

Suppression of Evidence Leads to Dismissal of Drug Charges

Adair County Jury Returns $14.6 Million Verdict to Crash Victim

Adair County Jury Awards Local Farmer $1.458 Million in Combine Accident

$2 Million Dollar Settlement in Fatality Car Wreck

Collision after Driver Crosses Centerline in Construction Zone

Semi-Tractor Rear-Ends Driver, Resulting in $425,000 Settlement

Carpenter Injured When House under Construction Collapses in Storm

Two Commercial Motor Vehicles Collide in Construction Zone

Victim’s Family Receives $5 Million Dollar Settlement

$3.75 Million Dollar Settlement to Children of Couple Killed in Crash

$2.5 Million Dollar Settlement to Over-The-Road Truck Driver After Leg Amputation

Air Bag Hit Car Seat — $1.2 Million Settlement

Health Plan Loses its Claim from $1.2 Million Dollar Settlement

$900,000 Settlement for Personal Injury when Semi-tractor’s Brakes Fail

Police Car Hit Motorcycle Carrying Two — $840,000

Tractor-Trailor Crushed Car — $725,000 Settlement

$500,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Personal Injury Against Co-Employee

$425,650 Settlement for Wrongful Death of 18 year-old Son

$285,000 Settlement for Facial Fractures

Felony Charges Dismissed Following Ruling on Motion to Suppress Evidence